Monday, 2 April 2012

A new news source for Brighton and Hove? The Brighton Pasty!

Well whatever you think about pasties - and whether or not it's right to bring their taxation in line with  other foodstuffs: it seems something rather exciting could come of the way The Argus has covered the yarn over the last few days: a new news source for Brighton and Hove.

I don't think they are very advanced yet with their plans but I chatted yesterday with some web-designers and programmers who were so incensed at The Argus dredging up a councillor's tweet to come up with a front-page story on a slow news day that conversation soon turned to bringing forward plans for a  new on-line news source for the city - now preliminarily titled 'The Brighton Pasty'.

The idea seems to be to present a slightly more pro-Green - and anti-big business - outlook on the city's news and to concentrate on the stories our local 'mainstream media' - regional radio and TV as well as various local rags somehow making their 19th Century business model still work in 2012 - miss entirely.

They promise that on-line The Brighton Pasty will never report a story based only a twitter message - and hope the venture attracts a few Argus readers and advertisers.

I don't know if The Brighton Pasty will ever be more than the subject of an amusing conversation over a Sunday evening pint of Hophead, but it does raise a serious point: creative, local tech-savvy professionals believe 'old' newspaper media seems, increasingly, to be out of touch.

If I published a print newspaper right now I'd be concerned by that.

Either way, I'll keep dredging the Internet (as long as the Government lets us do so freely) in the search for stories of interest to us here in Brighton and I look forward to adding The Brighton Pasty to my search list!

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