Sunday, 29 April 2012

New 'leadership team' for Brighton and Hove City Council announced

The group of Green Party councillors in Brighton and Hove has announced its new leadership team for the 2012/13 municipal year.

Last week a unanimous vote by Brighton and Hove City Council agreed to move to a more democratic system of decision-making that will see the current cabinet system replaced with a series of seven 'policy' and two 'regulatory' committees.

From a personal perspective, the post I currently hold, Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities and Public Protection, will be abolished. If the Greens' choices are ratified, as expected, at the city's annual council meeting on May 17th, I will instead by named chair of the city's Licensing Committee. Current chair Lizzie Deane willl serve as deputy chair. I will probably remain responsible for community resilience policy, deputising for the leader of the council, Jason Kitcat - though this arrangement isn't yet finalised - and I will take a seat on the new Housing Committee.

The other regulatory committee, which deals with planning, will be chaired by Christopher Hawtree. His deputy will be Christina Summers.

As for the 'policy' committees, there will be seven:

The overarching Policy and Resources Committee, will be chaired by new council leader Jason Kitcat. He will be deputised by Leo Littman.

Adult Care and Health will be chaired by Rob Jarrett, who will be deputised by Mike Jones.

The Children and Young people Committee will be chaired by Sue Shanks; her deputy will be Ruth Buckley.

The Economic Development and Culture Committee will be chaired by Geoffrey Bowden. His deputy will be Phelim MacCafferty.

The Transport brief will be held by Ian Davey, who will be deputised by Matt Follett. Housing Committee will be chaired by Liz Wakefield, deputised by Stephanie Powell, and the Environment and Sustainability Committee will be chaired by Pete West; his deputy will be Ollie Sykes.

Good luck to them all - I'm sure a team like this will do the city proud!


  1. Hi Ben,

    Do you know where in the structure decisions about community development and community and voluntary sector grants will fall?

  2. Hi Dani

    Decisions will be taken by the all-party members' Advisory Group and the Policy and Resources Committee. Responsibility will rest with the Leader of the Council.