Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Brighton!

It's Easter - in case you had missed it: the time of year when spring is springing and the tills are ringing to the tune of chocolate sales like there's no tomorrow. All good, I guess.

But it's also the time when our thoughts turn to the story of the death of Jesus - or a time of year celebrated by all major religions throughout history, whatever your bag really.

Every year I remember this clip and give it a quick watch: it makes me laugh every time. (In case the 'Lincoln Logs' reference is too old-school, or American, for you, here's an explanation).

One of the things I love most about Brighton is the cheeky way religion co-exists with non-conformity and modernity. Just yesterday, for example, I was riding the Volks Railway to the Marina marvelling at he fact that some kind of Jesus-oriented Easter event was taking place just yards away from the liberal mecca of our town's nudist beach in Madeira Drive.

Today I'll be celebrating Easter by heading down to Western Road to see the wonderful Easter Bonnet Parade in aid of the Sussex Beacon. There's nothing like watching a gang of drag queens taking over a shopping street to tell the story of the death and resurrection of the son of God, I reckon.

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