Thursday, 12 April 2012

Greens select European election candidates for 2014: perhaps signalling yet anoher by-election in Brighton and Hove

Keith Taylor MEP (pictured) will be the Green Party's main candidate for the European Parliamentary election in 2014, it has been announced today.

After a hard-fought battle for nomination the former Brighton councillor was chosen to top the 'party list' and therefore face re-election to the Brussels institution.

Two other local councillors, Alex Phillips and
Jason Kitcat, have been selected to represent the party - and the region - in Europe, should the Greens win enough votes.

Alex will be elected if the party secures enough votes to return two MEPs. It is usual in such circumstances for a councillor to resign from the council to take up the parliamentary post - thus triggering a by-election at Brighton and Hove City Council.

It's impossible to predict exactly how many votes that will take, as the rather obscure D'Hondt system will be used - but she is likely to be elected if the Greens notch up about 13% of the votes, only a few more than the party managed in 2009.

Perennial eco-socialist campaigner Derek Wall is third on the list, and Brighton council leader-elect Jason Kitcat a strong fourth.

The thing about elections though is that you never really know what's going to happen - if you stand you have to be prepared to win, and serve the local community if you do so. (Something George Galloway will need to get to grips with in the coming years.)

Fifth is Miriam Kennet - academic and director of the Green Economics Institute.

Anyway, the whole Green Party list of ten candidates (the maximum that could be returned) is as follows:

1 Keith Taylor
2 Alexandra Phillips
3 Derek Wall
4 Jason Kitcat
5 Miriam Kennet
6 Beatrix Campbell
7 Jonathan Essex
8 Beverley Golden
9 Jonathan Kent
10 Andrea Claire Smith

Good luck to all of them!

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