Wednesday, 4 April 2012

CISPA, the latest US attack on Internet freedom

Well just as a media spotlight is forcing the Government to backtrack on its latest threat to our freedom to communicate on the Internet, another threat comes along. This time, it comes from the US, and it's CISPA - the 'Cyber Intelligence Sharing to Protect Act'.

Basically, the Act, which is working its way through the US legislative process as we speak, would allow ISPs to monitor the content of all text messages and emails, share their content with other ISPs and the US security services, and even tamper with or refuse to deliver messages for any (deliberately loosely defined) 'cyber security' purpose.

No matter that nobody really knows what that means.

No matter that that will surely include any messages relating to the transfer of any copyrighted file - or the mere mention of hacking.

No matter that the US just doesn't have any jurisdiction over the Internet.

Basically, if CISPA becomes law in the US, we'll all have to get used to the fact that all of our messages, however we choose to send them, are public property, and gone are the days when we can communicate freely amongst ourselves without the US Government and the corporation listening in to every word we say.

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