Sunday, 11 March 2012

Proud father moment of the day

Some of you will have seen this before. I'm shameless - I just don't care. You can watch it again. There are some special moments in life: your first kiss, your first spliff, the first time you get work published (and paid for!) - well if you're a writer or an artist - the first time you climb a mountain, being present at the birth of your first child, the first time you stand for public election, and so on.

But in anyone's books one of those moments must be the first time you hear the output of a child's first band - especially when they're eight years old and it's a punk band called Violent Vomit.

I hope you enjoy it - even though I realise you won't do so anything like as much as I do. But watch for them in a few years time: Polly and Sammy really are Brighton's answer to The White Stripes. As Polly says, 'Enjoy!'

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