Friday, 30 September 2011

The Euro collapse should be making us sceptical - not of European integration but of neo-classical economics

As Greek default looms ever more likely, and Governments around the world desperately print more money to shore an economic system that was designed to further the interests of bankers and financiers at the expense of everyone else, I think it's time to get more sceptical than ever.

But it's not the idea of closer integration with people who find themselves living in other nation states that should be in the dock - it's the illogical, growth-based, economic system itself.

Starting from the principle that the best way to overturn a dangerous economic system is to prevent it becoming hegemonic among students - the power-brokers of tomorrow - here's a manifesto aimed at economics students from It says it far better than I could! Please feel free to print off and stick on the wall of a university economics department near you. (oops, I'll probably get in trouble now for inciting criminal damage!)

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