Friday, 17 December 2010

Brighton Council action on reducing carbon emissions is pitiful

Regular readers of this 'blog will know that, depsite being a Green Party councillor, I don't often muse on traditionally environmental topics.

But, given the cold weather that seems to have brought most of the country to a stanstill (for the fourth tine in a year!) I don't feel I can hold off from talking about Brighton Council's shameful record on climate change any longer.

Of course most of us imagine the symptoms of global warming to be increased desertification, rising sea levels, water shortages and so on, but scientific consenses these days seems to point to the increased incidence of extreme weather events and general meterological unpredictablity too. And that's exactly what we're seeing at the moment.

Of course, climate change isn't anyone's fault acting alone. But big employers and public service providers can make a real difference to the carbon dioxide emissions which are prety universally thought to be driving the climate chaos.

That's why the council together with its public secor parners (like the police, the fire and rescue service, the soon-to-be-disbanded primary care trust and so on) adopted the target of reducing CO2 emissions across the city by some 12%.

Figures reported to the city's Local Stratic Partnership a couple of weeks ago though show the progress has been pitiful - CO2 reductions are only about half that, at about six per cent - and most of those are due to recession meaning there's less stuff being made, bought and sold.

Could it just be that the council doesn't take its duty to reduce CO2 emissions seriously?


  1. Last I heard there has been no increase in natural disasters - that was an IPPC myth that was entirely unsubstantiated:
    I beleive it has since been entirely debunked (not just unsubstantiated, but untrue).

    As for 'predictability' - that sounds rather like an excuse - an excuse for why predictions around 'man made global warming' (or warming at all) made by the climate change lobby have not come true.

    Thank goodness we have not wasted as much on tackling a non-existent problem as we might have.

  2. Pop

    Did you really just cite a Daily Mail article at me to try to convince me of the truth?

    I'll only read it when, in the interests of truth, it follows Mark Thomas's advice, and starts carrying the slogan:

    'Your Daily Mail - The newspaper the supported Hitler', above its masthead!