Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'Parliament is Curtailing Democracy', warns Lucas

As the nights draw in and autumn tightens its grip, I'm drawn to thinking about Guy Fawkes' infamous plot to blow up the House of Commons.

He didn't pull if off, alas, so we're stuck with good old fashioned British Demorcacy - the big choice between elected dictators we indulge in once every four or five years.

Of course, our imperfect democracy remains the only one we've got so, while we  must never stop trying to overthrow and reform it, we have to work within it if we want to get anything done. That's why I'm a councillor not a cherry-bomb thrower.

But I've never been able to completely relinquish my hidden anarchist: especially when I read an MP suggesting that parliament itselt is 'curtainling democracy'.

This place is essentially curtailing democracy,’ Green Party leader Caroline Lucas tells the New Internationalist this month, referring to the House of Commons which looms just out of sight of her office.

‘Once you get here, the processes almost beggar belief, with a chamber that can’t even seat every MP, archaic voting procedures and a Speaker who can decide which amendments get discussed and which don’t.’

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