Monday, 11 October 2010

Help St James's Street get some Christmas Lights this year

At a meeting of the St James's Area Action Group last week, it was revelead that the group needs to raise about £6,000 to pay for Christmas Lights in the area this year - £3,000 for new 'tree lights' and £3,000 to make good the shonky infrasructure from lastr year.

Of course the big multiples have shied away from putting their hands in their deep corporate profits: even Starbucks, who found £3,000 last year in a desperate bid to stave off the bad publicity it attracted by opening a branch on the street without planing permission, have backed away this year: the PR job's done, after all.

So, it's left up to local businesses and the community to do it. So, hat's off to the new Poison Ivy bar for hosting a fundraiser. Let's hope it's a busy one and it raises all the cash required for a cracking Christmas in Kemp Town.

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  1. now we have a repeat of last years north street lights... or should that be repeat of a repeat... when is the clock tower going to be redrapped as the symbolic tree?