Sunday, 12 September 2010

Questioning reality is far more dangerous than sex or swearing

Last night I enjoyed a good old-fashioned Saturday night out with Charlie, my partner and the love of my life.

We went to see the film Inception, before enjoying a cocktail or two in the company of two thirty-somethings from London dressed as Smurfs for the night at the wonderful Brighton Rocks bar near St James's Street.

The film was fantastic, just the sort of dark, philosophical thriller - with just the right balance of humour and high-adrenaline action - that every Hollywood blockbuster should boast.

But it was only classified as a 12A - meaning even quite little children (and there were a few there) could go alomng if they were accompnied by adults.

I'm not really sure that the British Board of Film Classificatton, who come up with these ratings, should have a role in telling us what we can and can't watch, but they've clearly got a job in helping paremts decide what's approprioate for their kids to see.

And I just can't understand their logic really: some films get 18 ratings that are completely harlemss while others, like this one, are deemed acceptable for kids when they deal with issues, in a pretty scary way, that get right to the heart of the meaning of everyday experience.

I can't see how fucking on screen, swearing or even poking fun at religion or others' beliefs does much harm - but questioning the very nature of reality is about as scary as it gets. I certainly wouldn't recommend this film to kids or anyone with a shaky or vulnerable grip on reality.

Perhaps it's time the BBFC stopped being so prurient, and starte bein a little more philosophical in the way they make decisions.

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