Saturday, 11 September 2010

Labour Party council candidates step down in Queen’s Park

Usually, the bit at council or community meetings where last time’s minutes get signed off is over in a flash.

But on Wednesday, a meeting of the St James’s Area Local Action Team spent more than half an hour discussing the last meetings minutes – with a bitter row centred on whether they reflected residents’ concerns about the after-Pride street party or not.

One disgruntled resident said: “I’ve had a look through these minutes and, frankly, I don’t recognize the meeting I was at.

“It’s no wonder so many residents don’t come to these meetings when their views aren’t even recorded, let alone acted upon.”

I almost found myself feeling sorry for Chris Cooke, who has been selected by the Labour Party to stand against us Green Councillors in next May’s local election – when the talk afterwards turned to a vote of no confidence in him as chair.

But then I remembered that he used to be a member of the Green Party – and, it is rumoured, the local Tories – so he’s clearly a man who likes local politics but isn’t really sure what he believes in.

And then I heard that the other two Labour candidates for the ward have resigned, finding Chris difficult to work with.

And is if that wasn’t’ enough, I heard he wants to see smoking banned on the outdoor areas of the pier (for the record: I think the existing smoking ban goes quite far enough, and people should certainly be free to smoke outdoors if they so choose).

Chris undoubtedly joins a lot of community groups, but has a bit of a tendency to upset people and, often, walk away: I can only say if it’s true his personality means he’s unpopular with residents and is driving other Labour candidates away I’m glad he decided to leave the Green Party.

Anyway I do wish him well in next year’s election – I hope he manages a good fourth place behind the three Greens who already serve the ward so well (I would say that wouldn’t I!)

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  1. As one of the former Labour candidates in Queens Park, you are totally wrong that I withdrew because of Chris. Changing work circumstances meant I felt I couldn't dedicate the necessary job to the worthwhile task of slinging the Green Party out on their ears.
    Why not stop peddling this tittle tattle and attempt to do something for the residents you claim to represent.
    I think Queens Park residents should vote for Chris Cooke, Dan Chapman and Tom French at next year's elections, and give Queens Park residents the powerful voice against the Tories who are stripping local public services to nothing.
    You can then spend all day gossiping and spreading nonsense.
    Much love, Andy Taylor

    ps.Vote Labour.