Friday, 23 July 2010

Kissing goodbye to new council homes in Brighton

The hopes of the 11,500 waiting for a council house in Brighton and Hove receded a little today when it became clear that Government cuts had brought to an end any prospect of building new council-owned homes in the city.

Cash earmarked to help councils fund the building of new homes has been slashed by £450 million - and the scheme closed to new deals.

Brighton and Hove's failure to submit any bids early enough means there will be no new council homes here - creating a perfect storm of future homelessness, as the value of Housing Benefit falls and housing associations' building programmes in financial meltdown.

Bill Randall, the Greens' Convenor on the city Council, warned the move would also hit the city's economy.

“The news will dash the hopes of homeless and poorly-housed people in the city who believed new council homes could offer them a housing lifeline. Tenant groups who championed a new building programme will be deeply disappointed.

“The shortage of good quality and affordable homes in the city is likely to be with us for a long time and jobs will be lost in the building industry. The implications for homelessness apart, the shortage will also damage the city’s economic prospects.” 


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  2. said...
    what are you talking about Ben?? At cabinet yesterday we announced the building of council housing on Ainsworth house...the first council housing in nearly 30 years and tenants are starting the procurement process now.....they will be very upset to hear you do not recognise their work....guess Conservatives building new council housing in the City for the first time in 30 years does not grab any should come to our next meeting, it is actually in Bill's ward so I surprised he does not mention it as he told me he was very excited.....