Thursday, 22 July 2010

Coalition to axe environmental watchdog: the greenwash stops here

The Tory-LibDem coalition seems to have abandoned the notion of running a 'green' Government once and for all with the decision to axe its own environmental watchdog.

David Cameron today has said the Sustainable Development Commission is to be axed - despite its remit being to help the government cut its greenhouse gas emissions and save money by offering policy advice on efficiency savings as well as environmental matters.

The move will save about £3m a year- but cost a great deal more in lost efficiency savings (advice from the SDC has already saved the Government upwards of £10m in reduced energy, water and waste management bills, some say), and anger environmentalists along the way.

Friends of  the Earth was quick to condemn the decision, and Green MP Caroline Lucas said the agency was essential if the government was serious about improving its environmental performance.

It was only a few months ago that we were promised the 'greenest government ever'.

Well, as the old joke goes, that was when Cameron was still trying to woo the Lib Dems - he was campaigning then. Now he's won and, it seems, the greenwash stops here.

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