Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Labour's crocodile tears over closure of Brighton community garden

The Lewes Road community garden closed once and for all on Monday as activists dismantled the site and handed the keys back to the developer, so he can build a Tesco, a betting shop, and seven flats there.

It's a sad day for all of us - not just those of us who use the garden, but for all of us who want stronger, empowered communities, more green space, fewer supermarkets - and less traffic.

The sad truth is the law of the land and the political and commercial elites that have always run this country will always rule in favour of a development and an enhancement of so-called 'free' multi-national trade over local communities and anyone who advocates local control and 'living lightly'.

I do find it absolutely amazing that Labour Party activist Tom French has been claiming that it is the Greens who have allowed this to happen.

Few governments have been so 'pro' allowing the onslaught of 'big business' in our communities as the last Labour government - and that's not just a national observation, but a local one too.

Remember the privately-drafted Retail Study for the city drawn up (at great cost to the local taxpayer) in 2006, last time Labour councillors were in power here?

It called for new shops and supermarkets to spring up all over Brighton and Hove, covering a total area requivalent to NINE new Churchill Squares.

The sad truth is Labour remains the party of big business, not local communities, when their interests clash, and its activists' tears over the loss of the community garden are of the crocodile variety.

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