Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Green MP's Alternative Queen's Speech - and the logic of entryism

Members of the Green Party agreed to support an 'entryist' approach to targeting efforts at ensuring the country's first Green Party MP was elected to parliament earlier this month - and, of course, the approach worked and Caroline Lucas was duly elected as MP for Brighton Pavilion.

The logic of entryism is really very simple: boost the profile of the party in the shape of one of our most passionate and articulate advocates, in this case party leader Caroline Lucas, and hope that the increased knowledge of the party, and our values and abilities - not to mention our alectability - and see more and more Green MPs elected to join her.

I'm as sorry as anyone else that, here in Brighton Kemptown, I've now got a Tory MP on the form of local businessman Simon Kirby, but I hope that now the Greens have proven, once and for all, that the Greens can beat Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem candidates, I really believe we can elect a Green MP here next time.

I hope I get the job, but of course I'll back whoever the party selects to be its candidate.

But the logic rests on the ability of our single MP to catch the public - and the media's - attention.

So far, she's doing a pretty good job, and I thought I'd share with you her latest success: getting Channel Four news to broadcast her 'Alternative Queen's Speech'.

As the real Queen outlined the 22 bills that will put yesterday's public sector cuts into practice, Caroline argues that 'you can't cut your way out of a recession' - that public sector jobs need protecting - and that we should scrap Trident, and war, to save money while making the world a safer place.

Here it is.

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